With Ringtone Shuffler, every time a call comes in you hear a different custom ringtone that you have put on your phone. This is a great feature when you have many custom ringtones and you want to enjoy all of them. It gets even better. With Ringtone Shuffler, you can select the ringtones you want to shuffle. Why is this super cool? Imagine a scenario where you have created 3 ringtones from one song; that is the first verse, second verse and the chorus. Now you can select those 3 and enjoy them all. In another scenario, let's say you have about 20 ringtones and 5 of them are from one or a few artists you are really feeling. Now you can just select those 5 as the ones to shuffle.
Important: Ringtone Shuffler is only available for the following devices:
BlackBerry - Bold, Curve 8900, Pearl Flip, 8800 series, Pearl, Curve
Windows Mobile - Any wm5, wm6 device, Standard or Professional
Palm - Treo 650, 680, 700p, 755p and Centro
Other - Android or T -Mobile G1, Jailbroken iPhone

Ringtone Shuffling is Patent Pending